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Sally-Anne Downing 

I realised from a young age the importance of health and wellness and the trials of keeping a balance of work hard and play hard! I've always enjoyed staying active, with a love of nature and getting out of doors as much as possible. My interest in healing came along when I went with my father to his spiritual healing evenings back in the day. (He was a spiritual Healer)

I come from a nursing background, my mother was a nurse. I always knew I would become a nurse, and so it was! Today I still seek to help and to support others in their own self care and healing. I have committed my time to advancing my knowledge, skills and techniques into developing myself as a professional therapist. Offering relaxing and rejuvenating therapies that will complement existing treatments or simply boost your well-being and happiness.


The Serenity Room is a comfortable, peaceful, safe environment allowing you to ease into a treatment of your choice.

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