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Sally-Anne Downing 

I realised from a young age the importance of health and wellness and the trials of keeping a balance of work hard and play hard! I've always enjoyed staying active, with a love of nature and getting out of doors as much as possible. My interest in healing came along when I went with my father to his spiritual healing evenings back in the day. (He was a spiritual Healer)



I come from a nursing background, my mother was a nurse. I always knew I would become a nurse, and so it was! Today I still seek to help and to support others in their own self care and healing. I have committed my time to advancing my knowledge, skills and techniques into developing myself as a professional therapist. Offering relaxing and rejuvenating therapies that will complement existing treatments or simply boost your well-being and happiness.

The Serenity Room is a comfortable, peaceful, safe environment allowing you to ease into a treatment of your choice.


Based in Surrey.

                    Love, light and best wishes

                       Sally-Anne Downing

    Professional, Qualified  and fully insured          Therapist.




I now have the privilege of offering Reflexology as complementary health therapy into my practice following the completion of my training at the London School of Reflexology early last summer.



Reflexology works in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture.It is the technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflexes on the feet and hands in order to bring about a state of deep relaxation.It encourages and stimulates the bodies own own healing process helping it to return to a natural state of balance, physical and emotional wellbeing (homeostasis.) Certain areas of the foot correspond to the organs and the systems of the body. 

It's origin and history can be traced back to 2330 B.C. Wall paintings in

early pyramids depict what is believed to be the earliest examples of

foot and hand Reflexology.The most famous pictograph is of the

Egyptian tomb of Ankhamor, known as the

"Physician's Tomb"where other medically related wall paintings were

discovered. Evidence was also discovered in China around this time!

The three major benefits of Reflexology are:

  • Reduce stress and induce deep relaxation.

  • Improves circulation.

  • Balances the systems of the body.

In addition to these, it can be said that Reflexology helps to improve the immune system, pain relief, relaxation, nerve stimulation, improved elimination, assisting post operative recovery, encourage the body to heal current disorders and also clearing the body of toxins and waste products. 



The principle of Reflexology is to detect any sensitive areas on a clients feet using the thumbs and sometimes the index fingers, then apply gentle pressure to work out any of the sensitive areas or reflexes.

You will be sitting in a reclining chair throughout the session. You will need to wear comfortable clothing, in particular any trousers worn must be loose so that i am able to access the calves as well as the feet.  ​

I work holistically and intuitively. It is not a medical treatment and it's not performed to diagnose illness. It does not replace conventional medicine.

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Pronounced Ray-Key, meaning 'Universal Life- force Energy' based on an ancient Eastern belief in an energy and technique that supports the body's own natural healing. After many years of meditation .Usui Reiki was re-discovered and founded in Japan in the 1800's by a Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui.

Traditionally involving the gentle laying of hands over different ares of a clients body while they relax.




It supports our ability to balance, restore and heal on every level. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  

A complementary treatment to be used along side orthodox treatments.


You will be lying down fully clothed on a couch or you can sit in a chair. Blankets/fleeces and pillows are available The practitioner channels the energy through her hands directly to you the client. A session lasts for 1 hour, please allow more time for your first visit where a full consultation will take place. I advise that you wear comfortable clothing, you will be able to remove shoes.


You will be asked to remove watches and occasionally jewellery,

then.... RELAX!

All treatments are completely confidential.



Usual experience is a state of deep relaxation and gentle warmth.



 An ancient therapeutic treatment practised in India dating back over 4,000 years. Focusing on acupressure massage on the head, neck, upper arms and face. Promoting health by boosting the balance between the mind, body and spirit. It was usual for babies in India to receive Indian Head Massage daily soon after birth, up until the age of 3. Then later around the age of 6  that same child would learn the techniques handed down to them. This would enable other members of the family to receive Indian Head Massage from this child. A wonderful part of family life passed down from generation to generation. It is also traditional for a barbers in India to offer head massage as part of the hair cut.

It is only in more recent years that Indian Head Massage has been used here in the West. Specifically, beneficial as a 'stress buster' as the treatment focuses on high tension areas of the body i.e. head, neck, upper arms and shoulders.




Please allow 40 minutes per treatment, allowing at least 1 hour for

your first visit that will incorporate a full consultation. It is also

advisable to wear a loose fitting top, avoiding polo necks or shirts to allow the full benefit of the massage.

You will be seated in a low back chair for the duration of the massage. You will remain fully clothed unless oils are being used, this is optional and can be discussed at your consultation.

The treatment normally begins with asking the client for some deep breaths followed by kneading of the shoulder and back muscles. Softer massage etc of the arms moving to the head and face. Here at the face it can be very beneficial to help relieve sinus pressure.

  • General relaxation, release of muscle tension and knots.
  • Provides nutrients to the head, neck and shoulders due to increased blood flow.
  • Relaxes and soothes tense eye muscle and aids sinus drainage.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage.
It is generally a wonderfully relaxing treatment leaving you wanting another visit for more.
An after care leaflet will be given to the client following Indian Head Massage.
Thai Foot Massage has been traced back to over 2,000 years.
An ancient method of massage originating in India and used
by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks.
This method of massage uses some aspects of Shiatsu, Reflexology,
Chinese massage and Yoga.
Together with massage it combines the benefits of pressure point stimulation
and stretching which assists the ligaments, muscles, nerves, joints and
internal organs activating energy points (Prana, Ki, Chi,or life force energy) encouraging our minds and bodies to restore its own natural balance and flow, boosting the body to heal naturally.
It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and loose trousers etc to allow the therapist access to the calves.
You will remain fully clothed and made comfortable by lying down on a couch. It includes massage of the lower legs and feet.The massage stimulates the acupressure points on the feet (meridians) to correspond to the internal organs of the body. The hands are also included, opening/stretching and massaging to activate energy lines. 
Please allow 40 minutes per treatment and at least 1 hour for your first visit to incorporate a full consultation. 
  • Improves circulation of the legs,feet and hands.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Reduces stiffness and improves flexibility.
  • Can help relieve stress, anxiety and tension which in turn aids relaxation.
  • Lifts mood and improves sleep.
A very soothing and relaxing treatment that will help your body to unwind
and sooth the nerves, helping to promote a restful sleep.
An after care leaflet will be given to the client following Thai foot Massage.
Meditation groups are a chance for like minded people to get together with the intent of generating a calm and peaceful atmosphere in which to meditate.
You don't have to have already been meditating. Its just so beneficial to' be still' in a friendly, tranquil environment.
There are many benefits to meditating regularly and I hope that by coming along to a group it will give you  
an interest in meditation and the a longer term benefits. I would like to involve students and would be open to ideas. 
  • ​Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Promote psychological and emotional health.
  • To aid a sense of calm and relaxation of the body and a quietening of the mind.
  • Greater happiness and peace of mind
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Learn the importance of breath.
These are just some of the benefits of meditation, why not come along and try for yourself. It will be 90 minutes of different meditations and sharing of experiences if you would like to, no pressure. We will generally be seated in chairs but I have no objection if you wish to sit on cushions etc. Light refreshments will be available through out the daytime or evening sessions. All age groups welcome!
Current meditation groups.
Meditation Groups are temporarily suspended. They will resume outside during
the warmer months sitting around a beautiful fire pit or when we are able to mix  inside.
Duration: 45mins
Cost: 45.00
Duration:  1 hour 
Cost:  £40.00
Duration: 1 hour
Cost:  £40.00
Duration:  40 minutes
Cost:  £25.00
Duration:  40 minutes
Cost:  £25.00
Duration:  90 minutes
Cost:  £10.00
Concessions available to students.
Groups running daytime and evenings.
1.Treatment: 30 minutes Indian Head Massage followed
by 30 minute Reiki.
COST: £40.00
2.Treatment: 30 minutes Thai Foot Massage followed
by 30 minute Reiki
COST: £40.00
3.Treatment: 40 - 45 minute Luxury/Pamper Thai Foot Massage: Nurturing your feet and hands using Ayurvedic massage oils to balance all three doshas -"mind -body types"according to Ayurveda. The three doshas or 'dosa' in Sanskrit .... Vata, Pitta and Kapha, fluctuate due to several factors including diet, time of day and seasons.
Enjoy a super relaxing foot soak, while your hands are massaged with Ayurvedic oils. Followed by wonderfully relaxing foot massage. Please allow at least 50 minutes for this treatment. 
COST £30.00
PLEASE NOTE: For any allergy sufferers ie  nut allergies, alternative oils or creams will be used! 
Gift vouchers available, why not treat someone special to a wonderfully relaxing treatment!
Returning to work. 
Just to re-assure everyone, I am following all advice and guidance as it gets updated by the Government and the associations as things begin open up again. 
I would ask that all clients bring their own face mask/face covering, also please bring your own water bottle to drink from (it is important to stay hydrated), you may also want to bring your own blanket/fleece if you wish.(they are provided anyway.)
Experience the ancient origins of any of these treatments, fully immerse yourself and relax in a calm, peaceful environment...the 'SERENITY ROOM"
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1.Sally-Anne is a powerful healer. She has a very sympathetic manner and is a delightful therapist....highly recommended. Celia M. Leatherhead.

2.A truly wonderful Reiki experience given by Sally-Anne, who has a Professional, yet gentle nature, full of kindness and compassion. Delivered in a warm, friendly environment with a calming ambience. I have found her treatments to be a great way to release tension and restore balance to both my body and mind. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Reiki and Sally-Anne.

Carolyn M. Surrey


3.I have always been a fan of Reiki as it helps me with my aching shoulders and general stress.I normally like to sample different practitioners. When I met Sally I was taken by her personal warmth and kindness. She has excellent intuition of what a client is feeling emotionally. She can read a person exactly. After just the first session I had such good results I have now made regular Reiki treatments with Sally for maintenance. Wanda F. Surrey



4. Sally provides a "Cabin Retreat" experience which is altogether beautiful, relaxing and peaceful. She demonstrates her professional abilities in a naturally gentle and calming manner. This has been my introduction to Reiki and I feel I have discovered a little oasis.Its such a pleasure being able to take time out for myself from the normal daily routine of life. Each visit makes me feel grounded and positive.It is a truly uplifting and enlightening experience. Kay M. Leatherhead, Surrey.



5.Thanks Sally for truly wonderful, relaxing Reiki and Indian Head Massage treatments in your warm and peaceful room. I enjoy the positive energy that you provide and I will definitely be back for another treatment soon. Sue N. Surrey

6.Sally-Anne's Thai Foot Massage is so soothing, calming and altogether lovely. Her energy oozes utmost care and her way is gently intuitive. She massaged my aching feet and hands to feel less achy, restored and cared for. More than that- my entire body felt rebalanced and invigorated for days after. Also I must mention the space- the 'Serenity room' has a beautiful feel to it. Heartily recommend.  Elsje

7.As soon as I step into Sally-Anne's log cabin, I feel calm and relaxed. Sally-Anne's treatments are wonderful and provide deep relaxation. I love how relaxing Indian Head Massage is and how it helps release the stresses of everyday's busy life.  A.S. Ashtead

8.A lovely environment to receive Indian Head Massage, it really helped me un-wind.

A great find!  Rick  Ashtead

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